June 23, 2022 | Delta Hotels Beausejour, Moncton


Artificial intelligence is changing the world and has the potential to address the challenges of New Brunswick’s businesses. The applications of this rapidly developing field are enormous and include:

Smarter automation and processes.

Predictive analytics and evaluation of data.

The capacity to integrate and act on information in real-time.

Join us in person for R3 Accelerating AI Innovation on June 23rd, 2022, at Delta Hotels Beausejour, Moncton, for a full day focused on how AI is being developed and deployed in industrial contexts. We’ll highlight how some NB businesses are already integrating these new technologies to address their needs and the potential for collaborative projects with the province’s leading researchers in artificial intelligence. You will make meaningful connections that could lead to impactful collaborations. You might even see the barriers you thought existed in innovating in artificial intelligence are much lower than you think!

We encourage those curious about AI and the potential of incorporating AI into their processes or companies and how this can be accelerated through Research to join us. With a mix of local companies, government and supporting agencies, local academic researchers, and graduate students, we hope to: 


Diverse stakeholders from around the province to promote new collaborations.


On the AI field and how AI solutions can solve problems and develop impactful economic opportunities. 


These high-profile presenters will share their experience in using AI to address a key industrial challenge.

For a complete bio of the R3 speakers, click here

Nora Young

Host of CBC Radio’s Spark | Author of The Virtual Self 

Nora Young is an informed and ideal guide for anyone looking to examine — and plan for — the ever-changing, high-tech landscape. As the host and creator of Spark, CBC’s national radio show and podcast about technology and culture, and the author of The Virtual Self, Young demystifies technology and explains how it is shaping our lives, as well as the larger world around us. She helps audiences understand trends in big data, new technologies, machine learning, and more. 

Young was the founding host of CBC Radio’s Definitely Not the Opera, where she often discussed topics related to new media and technology. Her work has also been featured in print, online, and television and she is also a committed hobby podcaster. Her favourite technology is her bicycle. 

Audrey Ancion

Leader, AI Institute, Deloitte Canada

Audrey leads Deloitte Canada’s AI Institute and the AI Academy offering. She focuses on the strategy, process and people dimension of analytics and artificial intelligence and assists private and public sector organizations in structuring, building and strengthening their data and analytics capabilities. Audrey has experience assisting over 50 organizations getting started with their AI program and upskilling over 1,000 Canadian executives and 600 professionals on data, analytics and AI applied to solve business problems and seize new opportunities.

Audrey is passionate about sharing lessons learned and has led the research and development of four Deloitte publications including “The key to delivering analytics advantage: your people", “Building world-class analytics teams that deliver results”, “Upskilling in the age of AI” and more recently “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good”.


The Opportunity for Start-ups & SMEs in Artificial Intelligence:

New and creative ways of employing AI and machine learning are increasingly the basis for technology start-ups. This session will explore how entrepreneurs adopt emerging technologies to address challenges and realize opportunities in diverse fields. Several successful entrepreneurs will share their perspectives and success stories and the challenges of building a business in a sector where technology is rapidly evolving.


1. Greg Pictot, Eigen Innovation (President and COO)

2. Norm Couturier, Terris (CEO)
3. Kenneth Kent, Anessa (Advisor and cofounder)
4. Mohamed Adel, Bird Construction (East BIM/VDC Manager)

Future ready - What does the labour market have to do with AI

Automation and the application of AI are changing the world of work, making some jobs redundant and creating opportunities for new positions. While AI has the potential to address the labour needs of diverse fields, the next labour market challenge will be to find and train people who can design and implement AI solutions, troubleshoot problems, and innovate with this new technological toolset. This session will explore what training those looking to jump into a career in AI should pursue and what partners and education models have worked well to train people rapidly to meet the needs of this emerging field. It will also examine how the labour market can be made more efficient and responsive to industry needs through AI innovations. 


1. Michele Fash, ACENET (Director of Business Development)   

2. Cathy Simpson, TechImpact (CEO)

3. Lilia Jemai, MITACS (National AI Program Manager)



Erik Scheme

Prof. at UNB & Assoc. Director IBME

Moulay Ahkloufi

Prof. at UdeM & PRIME Director

Building Collaborative Projects in AI

Implementation of artificial intelligence technologies for real-world applications often requires a collaborative approach. Many corporations have specific needs and challenges which AI has the potential to address, but in most cases developing and implementing an appropriate AI tool or solution in-house is challenging. This session will feature companies that partnered with applied researchers to work collaboratively on AI adoption projects, highlighting features and success stories.


Amin Jula

Fiddlehead io.

(Chief Data Scientist)

Elliot Sullivan

RemSoft (Director of Product

Management – Cloud Solutions)

Emerging trends in AI for NB's priority sectors & industries:

The fields of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning are evolving rapidly. This session will help industry leaders understand the new and powerful ways that AI technologies address industry-specific problems, like process automation, CRM tools, emerging trends to remain competitive in a global market and more.


Wilco van Ginkel

Director of Data and Analytics

and AI leader, a3i

Jennifer LaPlante,

DeepSense AI

(Executive Director)

Artificial Intelligence - The promise versus the hype + Q&A 

While AI is already changing our lives and finding new applications in business, these technologies are still rapidly evolving, and their true potential for solving challenges is also advancing. What does AI mean for the future? What are the best guesses for how these technologies will change our world and lives in 5 years or 20? This session will discuss the promise of AI as envisioned by several experts working in this field.


Event goes live at 8am on June 23

Student Pitch Competition